Prop 68 New Park Project

Statewide Park Program – Round 4

$395,300,000 to be awarded
Prop 68 Grants - State of California Parks & Water Bond 2018
California State Parks


Since 1965, statewide grants administered by OGALS created and improved over 7,580 parks. We look forward to continuing this legacy with grantees to improve the quality of life for communities throughout California. Parks are unique places where children can play, families and friends bond, people exercise, seniors socialize, youth are mentored, cultures are celebrated, and everyone connects with nature.

For these reasons and more, vibrant parks funded by this program will create humane and healthier communities. Building successful parks in underserved communities is “a work of art.” SPP embraces meaningful engagement with local residents where park designs represent each community’s unique recreation needs and creativity.

SPP is the largest park related grant program in California’s history and possibly U.S. history, with over $1 billion in funding between the 2018 Prop. 68 and 2006 Prop. 84 Bond Acts.

To record the legacy of this program, ‘before and after’ site photos will be featured at Thank you for your interest.

TVRPD’s New Park Project

We are excited to pursue this grant opportunity. Our goal is to create a new park and a new “mini” Gym/Community Center at the corner of Tucker Road and Cherry Lane.


Please help us by attending one of our upcoming public meetings!

For in person meetings, face coverings are encouraged, practice safe social distancing, and adhere to Kern County Public Health guidelines for COVID-19.

Public Input Meetings Schedule

For more information:

• Visit California State Parks Statewide Park Program website
• Contact Corey Torres, District Manager at

For questions and more information, please contact Corey Torres, District Manager at

Date Time Location
10/8/2020 4:00-7:00 pm Tehachapi Farmers Market
10/22/2020 5:00 pm Corner of Tucker Rd. & Cherry Lane (Project Site)
10/28/2020 5:00 pm Corner of Tucker Rd. & Cherry Lane (Project Site)
11/4/2020 7:30 am Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center (ABIAC)
11/10/2020 4:00 pm Corner of Tucker Rd. & Cherry Lane (Project Site)
11/16/2020 12:00 pm Corner of Tucker Rd. & Cherry Lane (Project Site)
12/3/2020 – Postponed 3:00 pm Corner of Tucker Rd. & Cherry Lane (Project Site)
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