Ollie Mountain Skate Park

Ollie Mountain Skate Park

“I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and sport”

Tony Hawk

Ollie Mountain Skate ParkLocation: 490 West D Street, next to the Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center ( View map )

Ollie Mountain Skate Park our 11,000 square foot skateboard park comprised of vertical ramps, a half pipe and various rails. By far one of the District’s most utilized facilties, Ollie Mountain hosts skate competitions and is frequented by Tehachapi’s large population of skaters. All skaters welcome!

DO NOT USE SKATE PARK IF A HAZARDOUS CONDITION EXISTS. Please report any hazardous conditions, vandalism, violations and suspicious activity of any nature immediately to TVRPD by contacting (661) 822-3228 or info@tvrpd.org.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL 911, then the District Office at (661) 822-3228.

  • Hours

    • Daily 8:00 AM - dusk
    • Skate Park is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day
    • Skate Park hours subject to change without notice
    • Subject to closure during inclement weather
    • Skate Park is not available for private rental
    • Skate Park subject to limited availability to the general public during competitions and special events

    Ollie Mountain Skate ParkOllie Mountain Skate ParkOllie Mountain Skate ParkOllie Mountain Skate Park

  • Rules

    Ollie Mountain Skate Park is designed for use by persons riding skateboards, inline skates and roller skates. Use of the Skate Park is at your own free will and own risk. Use of the Skate Park indicates your understanding of the following rules and conditions for the use of the Skate Park:

    • Helmets, elbow pads and knee pads must be worn at all times within the Skate Park (TVRPD Ordinance 02-10).
    • Children 12 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are prohibited on all District property (TVRPD Ordinance 01-10)
    • Smoking or use of tobacco products are prohibited on all District property (TVRPD Ordinance 01-10)
    • Glass containers are prohibited.
    • Profanity, swearing, and the making racial or sexist slurs of any kind are prohibited.
    • Motorized vehicles of any nature are not permitted within the Skate Park except for law enforcement, emergency services, District, and maintenance vehicles.
    • Structures, obstacles, or other materials used to make jumps, ramps, or similar structures may not be brought into the Skate Park by participants.
    • No skating on access stairs.
    • No sitting, skating or standing on stair or guard railings.
    • Picnic tables and trash cans shall not be moved or used as skate features.
    • For your safety, keep skate areas free from trash, loose clothing, and other items. Please help keep the Skate Park clean for everyone’s enjoyment.
    • Please report any hazardous conditions, violations, vandalism, or suspicious activity immediately to TVRPD at (661) 822-3228 or info@tvrpd.org.
    • Violation of TVRPD rules and ordinances may result in fines, suspension and/or expulsion from Ollie Mountian Skate Park.

Map and Directions

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