Quimby & Impact Fee Schedule

Current Rates, by Land Use Authority
Land Use Authority Development Fee Date Adopted
County of Kern, Unincorporated Areas    
City of Tehachapi    

Kern County Ordinance Approving Current Development Fee Rate
City of Tehachapi Ordinance Approving Current Development Fee Rate
TVRPD Board Resolutions Approving Current Development Fee Rate

Quimby Fee

The fee is also referred to as an “in-lieu” fee. The 1975 Quimby Act is intended to secure adequate open space for parks and recreational purposes. It also authorized cities and counties to pass ordinances requiring developers to set aside land, donate conservation easements, pay fees and/or a combination thereof for park development. Any fees collected may not be used for the operation and maintenance of park facilities.

Park Development Fee

The Park Development Fee, allowed by Ordinance, is a flat fee assessed to each residential unit built within the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District and is used for development of park sites. The development fee must be paid to the Land Use Authority at the time the developer obtains a building permit and before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. Development fees cannot be used for maintenance expenses.

Nexus Studies and CA Section 66000 Annual Reporting

In accordance with California Government Code Section 66000 et. al., beginning January 1, 2022, a nexus study is required, at minimum, every eight years to identify the existing level of service for each public facility, identify the proposed new level of service, and include an explanation of why the new level of service is appropriate, where applicable.

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